Markets are an ancient tradition in countries all around the world.

They can be found in village halls, on village greens, in town squares, school playgrounds, or on the street.

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There are flea markets, produce markets, art and craft markets, and seasonal markets themed for celebrations such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Wherever there are people there is trade.

Flea Market

This market is one at which traders sell used goods. Collectibles, antiques, clothing, and all kinds of household goods can be found at the flea market. They are often held in halls or covered market pavillions. Frequently they are held in support of a charity or community organisation. They go by different names depending upon the location; jumble sale, bazaar, car boot sale, swap meet, and Marche aux puces being but a few.

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Art & Craft Market

At these markets traders will sell hand-made products that might include textiles, clothing, ceramics, glassware, leatherwork, candles, carvings, sculpture, paintings, jewellery, prints, and many other beautiful crafts. In different parts of the world the local arts and crafts will be on display, showcasing the culture and traditions of the place.

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Produce Market

Produce markets sell fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and other farm crops, as well as specialty food such as meats, cheeses, and preserves. They are held regularly in many towns and villages, often weekly. Many are street markets or are held in town squares using covered carts or stalls.

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Christmas markets are street markets held during the four weeks of Advent as part of the celebration of Christmas. They are traditionally held in the town square in many parts of Europe. Offerings include food, drink and seasonal items. Most provide entertainment such as nativity scenes, singing, and dancing.

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